Kanto Festival

Since arriving in Akita in April of this year, I have heard, seen, and read about Kanto festival. Well, I must say it was worth the hype! As I left work on Saturday and headed to Kanto street, I could hear the sound of drums and chants, and see the flickering of lanterns high in … Continue reading Kanto Festival

Tsuchizaki Festival

As I weaved my way through the crowded streets, I could hear chants, taiko drums, and the squeaking of wooden wheels in the distance. As the procession of the floats finally reached my area, I could smell the oil used to help the floats roll and turn. Now listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by … Continue reading Tsuchizaki Festival

A Trip Around Oga Peninsula

Since arriving three months ago, many students have said that Oga Peninsula is a “must-visit” area of Akita. Well, I must say that everyone was right! Beautiful coastline, great seafood, and a field of hydrangeas are but a few delights in Oga. We first stopped at Unshoji Temple, where a sea of hydrangeas captivated the … Continue reading A Trip Around Oga Peninsula

Gosaku Ramen

Several students have mentioned Gosaku as a ramen shop I must visit in Akita. Well, I finally made it there! I chose miso ramen with corn and extra green onions. It was delicious! With a generous portion of pork and a side of gyoza, I waddled out with a full and satisfied belly. For the … Continue reading Gosaku Ramen