Miura House

Well, I found another dream home! Last weekend, I visited the Miura House located north of the city in the Kurokawa area. The historical home was magnificent and well maintained by the volunteer staff. There will be two more open house’s this year in September and November, and I think it would be great to …


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Sansai Picking

Last weekend, I finally was able to experience ๅฑฑ่œๆŽกใ‚Š (sansai picking). I spent the morning foraging for vegetables that grow in the mountains called sansai, and I found several different types, though I don’t remember all of the proper names. Afterward, the host demonstrated how to prepare and cook sansai, and then it was bon … Continue reading Sansai Picking

A Day in Akita

I started my day by visiting the Akita Museum of Art to see the exhibit displaying ukiyo-e from Hasui Kawase. Hasui’s artwork was magnificent, and I would love to have a ukiyo-e print in my home, but I imagine it’s expensive! After enjoying the museum, I went to a delicious soba shop called Kichiji for … Continue reading A Day in Akita

Hot Springs Tour

I apologize to all for not posting anything recently! I wanted to share a few hot springs I have visited over the past month. I went to Kainosawa, Yunokoshi, Furusato, and Iwami onsen. The weather has been lovely and great for cycling around Akita and visiting hot springs. Both Yunokoshi and Iwami have been rebuilt … Continue reading Hot Springs Tour

Dustin’s Izakaya

I thought I would share a few items on the menu at Dustin’s Izakaya since I have been slacking on posting to my blog. I tried making “izakaya” style cabbage, and it was delicious! I also made curry nabe with udon, karaege (Japanese-style fried chicken), and ginger pork. I enjoy cooking, but I often forget … Continue reading Dustin’s Izakaya

Snow Monsters

If you are looking for a beautiful walk in the snow surrounded by juhyo (snow monsters), then head to Ani Ski Resort in Mount Moriyoshi. I often wondered why the English translation was “snow monsters,” but once I encountered them, I finally realized why. It’s peculiar how the snow conforms to the trees and makes … Continue reading Snow Monsters

Kyowa Ski Area

A last-minute decision turned into a fun day! My friend and I decided to go to Kyowa Ski Area for a half-day of snowboarding. While it is a small mountain, the powder snow was great, and there are several rails and jumps for those looking to try something a little more extreme. Not only is … Continue reading Kyowa Ski Area

My Dream Home

I found my dream home! Unfortunately, it is not for sale. ๐Ÿ™‚ This amazing and beautiful villa originating during the Genroku Era (1688 – 1704) called Joshitei is the former house of feudal lord Satake and is a nationally designated cultural property. Though no one summoned me to this splendid former resting place of lords … Continue reading My Dream Home