To My Followers

For those of you that don’t know, I was recently in a bicycle accident. I am currently recuperating and taking time to rest and heal. As I sit and have my coffee in the morning, watching the snow falling, I long to explore the mountains of Akita. For now, I ask for you to hang … Continue reading To My Followers

Red Leaf Hunting

This past Sunday, I followed a Japanese tradition that dates back to the Heian Period, momijigari, or “red leaf hunting.” Searching for beautiful shades of autumn leaves is featured in and made famous by classic Japanese literature, such as The Tale of Genji, and waka, or “short poem.” I began my search at Dakigaeri Gorge. … Continue reading Red Leaf Hunting

Handaen Tea Shop

For over 100 years, the Handaen tea shop has provided the people of Akita with a vast selection of quality tea. During my most recent visit, I sipped gyokuro green tea, which has a natural sweet taste and an invigorating smell. As autumn and cooler evenings approach, I find myself drawn to the soothing sensation … Continue reading Handaen Tea Shop

Mount Akitakomagatake

The morning to Mount Akitakomagatake began with an old bus and an overly confident driver taking hairpin turns at high speed. Fully awake from the journey to the parking lot, my friends and I began our trek into the eerie mist. Clouds covered the mountain, and we could barely see further than 30 meters in … Continue reading Mount Akitakomagatake