Hiking in Odate

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well, along with your families. I apologize for my long absence from posting to my blog. With everything going on due to the coronavirus and the lock-down measures put in place, I haven’t been able to travel around and enjoy adventures in Akita. But now, with … Continue reading Hiking in Odate

Kanayama Falls

It feels like you’ve entered a fairy tale when you stumble upon an unexpectedly beautiful place. With perfect weather on Tuesday, I ventured back to Taihei and discovered Kanayama Falls. What a gorgeous area with an interesting small shrine nestled in the side of the mountain along the river. There is also a hiking trail … Continue reading Kanayama Falls

Back in Action!

The BES Adventurer is back in action! This past weekend, I finally purchased my new bike. Now that I have a quality bicycle with gears and suspension, I will be pushing the limits on how far I can explore. Having already clocked over 100 kilometers, the hot springs today is a necessity, not a luxury. … Continue reading Back in Action!

Omono River

I apologize for my long absence from posting on my blog! Recently, with the weather and my broken bicycle, I haven’t been able to explore quite as much as I did during the summer and fall of last year. But, I plan on buying a new bicycle soon, so the adventures will kick into overdrive … Continue reading Omono River

Ani Ski Resort

I finally made it to the mountains this winter to go snowboarding! While we have not had the best winter for snow, the conditions were decent, and I had a lot of fun! Unfortunately, there were no snow monsters, but it was great to get back out on the slopes in search of fresh powder. … Continue reading Ani Ski Resort