What’s for Dinner?

Some of you already know, but I really enjoy cooking! For me, a typical weekend is biking, swimming, or hiking, followed by a dip in the hot springs and then cooking a nice dinner at home. Recently, I have tried cooking new and exciting recipes. My most recent and delicious recipe was a red-wine pasta. … Continue reading What’s for Dinner?

From Oga to Misato

Hydrangeas, lavender, and a secret hot spring were just a few of the highlights during my 400 kilometers of biking around Akita. My first trip took me to Unsho-ji Temple in Oga to see the vibrant blue hydrangeas covering the temple grounds. While I have been here before, this year I went by bicycle! Also … Continue reading From Oga to Misato

Biking to Tazawako

Believe it or not, but I went to Tazawako by bicycle! My friend and I hit the road Monday morning and finally arrived at Komagatake Hot Springs around 4 pm. We stopped along the way in Kakunodate for some delicious soba and katsudon. The lunch set gave us the boost we needed to finish the … Continue reading Biking to Tazawako

Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year, everyone! Recently, Akita has been getting a lot of snow, and what better way to enjoy it than to go out and play in it! The past couple of weekends, I have enjoyed the fresh powder blanketing the Deep North. I went to Geto Ski Resort after a heavy snowfall, and all … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Biking the Oga Coast

Wind upon my face. Sun on my back. Several challenging hills to climb. While biking the Oga coastline wasn’t easy, it was spectacular. The beautiful rocky shoreline and majestic blue sea made for a gorgeous ride. However, my start to the morning didn’t go so well. First, as I was biking the trail along Detohama … Continue reading Biking the Oga Coast