Ani Ski Resort

I finally made it to the mountains this winter to go snowboarding! While we have not had the best winter for snow, the conditions were decent, and I had a lot of fun! Unfortunately, there were no snow monsters, but it was great to get back out on the slopes in search of fresh powder. … Continue reading Ani Ski Resort

Happy New Year!

Hot springs and ramen, aaahhhh, it’s good to be back home! As we enter the second year of Reiwa and the new decade of 2020, I wish all of you happiness and success! Keeping with the Japanese New Year tradition, I visited my local shrine and asked for a good year and guidance on my … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Senshu Park

After a visit to Senshu Park this past weekend, I realized I have never written about such a beautiful area right here in Akita City. Having now visited the park in all four seasons, I have to say it truly is a nice place to take a stroll and unwind for the day. With shrines, … Continue reading Senshu Park

To My Followers

For those of you that don’t know, I was recently in a bicycle accident. I am currently recuperating and taking time to rest and heal. As I sit and have my coffee in the morning, watching the snow falling, I long to explore the mountains of Akita. For now, I ask for you to hang … Continue reading To My Followers