Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year, everyone! Recently, Akita has been getting a lot of snow, and what better way to enjoy it than to go out and play in it! The past couple of weekends, I have enjoyed the fresh powder blanketing the Deep North. I went to Geto Ski Resort after a heavy snowfall, and all … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Biking the Oga Coast

Wind upon my face. Sun on my back. Several challenging hills to climb. While biking the Oga coastline wasn’t easy, it was spectacular. The beautiful rocky shoreline and majestic blue sea made for a gorgeous ride. However, my start to the morning didn’t go so well. First, as I was biking the trail along Detohama … Continue reading Biking the Oga Coast

The Countryside of Akita

It is amazing just how much beauty surrounds Akita! Yesterday, I biked to Central Park in Yuwa, near Akita International University. There are endless biking trails and outdoor activities in the area. The road that runs through the Tsubakidai Golf Course is gorgeous! It is a well-maintained tree-lined road with beautiful nature and immaculate homes. … Continue reading The Countryside of Akita

Funoshi Waterfall

My day started bright and early last Monday. I woke up and headed to the Taihei area to do volunteer farming. I helped the farmer plant eggplant and leek. While it was an extremely hot day, It was a great experience for me. One day, I hope to have a small farm of my own. … Continue reading Funoshi Waterfall

The Essence of a River

I believe I have mentioned in previous posts, but this past weekend reminded me of just how much I love rivers! After an unsuccessful trip to Komagatake for hiking (the road was closed), I went to Dakigaeri and Kakunodate. The Hinokinai river and Tama river that flow through the Semboku area are truly amazing. The … Continue reading The Essence of a River

Nekobari Rock

With beautiful weather this past weekend, I decided to visit a nature spot called Nekobari Rock, which my friend recommended to me. What a spiritual place! There is a true sense of wonder and energy that resonates from the rock. The accompanying sound of the river only completes the tranquility of the area. Nearby are … Continue reading Nekobari Rock