Nekobari Rock

With beautiful weather this past weekend, I decided to visit a nature spot called Nekobari Rock, which my friend recommended to me. What a spiritual place! There is a true sense of wonder and energy that resonates from the rock. The accompanying sound of the river only completes the tranquility of the area. Nearby are … Continue reading Nekobari Rock

Hiking in Odate

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well, along with your families. I apologize for my long absence from posting to my blog. With everything going on due to the coronavirus and the lock-down measures put in place, I haven’t been able to travel around and enjoy adventures in Akita. But now, with … Continue reading Hiking in Odate

Kanayama Falls

It feels like you’ve entered a fairy tale when you stumble upon an unexpectedly beautiful place. With perfect weather on Tuesday, I ventured back to Taihei and discovered Kanayama Falls. What a gorgeous area with an interesting small shrine nestled in the side of the mountain along the river. There is also a hiking trail … Continue reading Kanayama Falls

Back in Action!

The BES Adventurer is back in action! This past weekend, I finally purchased my new bike. Now that I have a quality bicycle with gears and suspension, I will be pushing the limits on how far I can explore. Having already clocked over 100 kilometers, the hot springs today is a necessity, not a luxury. … Continue reading Back in Action!

Omono River

I apologize for my long absence from posting on my blog! Recently, with the weather and my broken bicycle, I haven’t been able to explore quite as much as I did during the summer and fall of last year. But, I plan on buying a new bicycle soon, so the adventures will kick into overdrive … Continue reading Omono River

Ani Ski Resort

I finally made it to the mountains this winter to go snowboarding! While we have not had the best winter for snow, the conditions were decent, and I had a lot of fun! Unfortunately, there were no snow monsters, but it was great to get back out on the slopes in search of fresh powder. … Continue reading Ani Ski Resort

Happy New Year!

Hot springs and ramen, aaahhhh, it’s good to be back home! As we enter the second year of Reiwa and the new decade of 2020, I wish all of you happiness and success! Keeping with the Japanese New Year tradition, I visited my local shrine and asked for a good year and guidance on my … Continue reading Happy New Year!